MAX-CUFF (white) # 8790

MAX-CUFF, Ultra (black) # 8777

Product Features

Handcuff - two loop. Effective all purpose restraing for hands, feet, legs, arms.
Hobble (Two). Made of high tensile strength Nylon to meet military, police, prison standards.
Two Loops on one strap. Can be preset to facilitate speedy application.
Double locking feature. ID tab for recording date, time, or who is making arrest.
Concealable mode. Multiple subject capacity. Can be used as a hobble.
Non-metal / undetectable. Reduces contact with bleeding subjects.
Safety tip for double locking. Double tooth in lock for extra strength.
Prevents over tightening. Subject unable to tighten cuffs on themselves.
Disposable when dealing with bleeding subjects. Meets OSHA standards
in dealing with blood borne pathogens at arrests.


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MAX-CUFF Patented Product